Thursday, 17 November 2016

DIY Hair: Protective Style Crochet Faux Locs

Hi loves,
I've been sitting on this particular review for quite a bit, seeing as I've changed my protective style twice since installing my crochet faux locs.
One of my friends was in the United States this summer and I took that opportunity to order hair extensions from They do ship internationally but the cost is quite high and orders are subject to customs and duties.
I've always wanted to wear faux locs but I don't want to sit for hours and hours t oachieve the look. So, I was pretty excited to see crochet faux locs that are already pre-loced and ready to install.
I'd been seeing Youtubers wax poetic about the Bobbi Boss Bomba faux locs.
Image from

Here are a few links to some of the videos that inspired me to try this look:
Lexis Hair
Love Naturally

How I installed them...
I'm not a fan of the traditional method of installing crochet braids; this involves braiding your hair into cornrows. I feel that this works well if have short hair but with longer hair you end up with a bulky bun or chunky cornrows. So I searched YouTube for a method that wouldn't require cornrows.
Jazz Nicole came up with this method of installing fauxlocs on individual braids or had been given. Here's a link to the video in which she describes and demonstates the method.

I ordered the extensions in two colours blue-black T1B/Blue (2 packs) and green  T1B/D.Green (3 packs).I also used one pack of reggae braid hair in black 1B to wrap the roots.

It took about 6 hours to braid my hair and install the extensions; This is much shorted than the time it takes me to install box braids.

Here are some pics of the finished product.

How do they feel?
These are very light and easy to manipulate compared to twists and box braids that I favour for protective styling. My only gripe with these is the snagging, as the hair gets fluffier as time goes on causing the individuala pieces to stick together. I solved that by just snipping off the loose pieces whenever they apppeared. I was so happy with these...I got my mermaid on (Life Ambition).

These were also really easy to remove. I just unravelled them because they're hollow coils.

I got these for $4.99 a pack. Samsbeauty has Buy 1 get 1 promotion on right now, also delivery is free for orders >$50 in the USA. Bobbi Boss extensions are not available in South Africa, but the Outre and Freetress faux locs are available from Hair City (I haven't tried them out yet) and they deliver countrywide.

I will definitely be installing these again in the near future. I absolutely love how they look and feel.

See you in my next post,


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