Wednesday, 16 November 2016

MakeUp Review: ColourPop Cosmetics

Hey everyone,
As promised, I'm finally doing a review on some of the ColourPop cosmetics products in my collection. Now, I'm all about the eyeshadow; when I discovered ColourPop earlier this year my reaction was "where have you been all my life?"
Colourpop launched  in 2014 and is based in Los Angeles. They're budget-friendly and bunny friendly too.
Their products include eyeshadows, highlighters, blush, liners, liquid lipsticks and lipsticks.
I own at least one product from each of the product categories, but today I'll only be sharing my thoughts on the eyshadows and highlighter. I'll review the lip products at a later stage :-)

I cannot say enough about how much I love these shadows; they come in little white pots and you get 2.1g of product which is standard for single shadow pans. They're cream shadows that come in metallic, ultrametallic, satin, pearl and matte finish. The range of colours available is just amazing; there's a lot of something for everyone.
I am a colour fiend, so most of the shades I own are bold and bright.
Here are swatches for some the colours that I have in my collection. 
1. Krinkle; 2. Rex; 3. Coconut; 4. Nillionaire; 5. Stereo; 6. Telepathy

1. Shameless; 2. Friskie; 3. So quiche; 4. Lace, 5. Glo up (6 swatch); 6. Bae (5 swatch)

Some looks achieved with Colourpop shadows
How to apply:
Colourpop shadows and highlighters have a cream shadow consistency and are therefore best applied with the fingers. Some people don't like this, so I would suggest that you use a flat synthetic cream shadow brush (it works almost as well as fingers). For those who live in South Africa, I got my cream shadow brush from Edgars for about ZAR80.

I can wear all the shades I've got with and without primer. On average, I wear my makeup for at least 8 hours and I don't experience any creasing or fading.

If you order directly from ColourPop each shadow goes for U$5 which is really affordable. They have a prmotion going right now for free shipping worldwide for orders >U$50 and U$4.99 for less. You may or may not have to pay customs for those living in South Africa (I didn't pay any on my last order).

If you're not keen on doing an international order and you live in South Africa; you can order from a couple of local sellers. Here are a few links: (COUPON code: PEWAOFTHENAMIB15 for a 15% discount)

I think I've covered everything :-)

Let me know what you think of ColourPop shadows.

Love xoxo,


  1. They look great, I love the way you do your eye make up. I don't own any Colourpop but I see it everywhere on YouTube and Instagram. WE can get it in UK now so I must try it x

    1. Thanks <3 I tried them after seeing it on Social Media as well. It's defintely worth a try. xoxo