Thursday, 2 February 2017

DIY Hair:Goddess locs

Hi all,
Best wishes for 2017! (I hope you all had a blessed holiday). i'm late to the party I know. It's already February *gasp*
It's good to be back! First post of the year...Yay!!!
I'm so excited about my new protective style I had to share.

I've been looking at goddess locs for a while; they're super popular on social media. I've been looking at those posts all googly eyed and I've finally done it.

So what are goddess faux locs?
Goddess locs were created by trichologist Dr Kari williams (click here for a link to hair website) and was debuted by Meagan Good. This is style is inspired by the forever beautiful Lisa Bonet.
Getty Image

Getty Image

The goddess locs designed by Dr Kari are done with kinky human hair for wrapping and  deep wave hair for the curly/wavy ends. She has a tutorial available on how to instal on sale on her website, you cna also purchase a complete goddess loc kit from her website.

How do they differ from faux locs?
Faux locs have blunt ends and goddess locs have curly and wavy ends. Traditionally, faux locs are done by doing box braids and then wrapping them with kinky synthetic hair such as Marley hair (which makes them quite heavy). As I said earlier the Dr Kari's goddess locs are done with human hair. Human hair is really expensive and necessity is the mother of invention :-) so there are synthetic alternatives one can use that are way cheaper.
The curl refinery in the USA has made goddess loc packages for every pricepoint; 100% human hair, human/synthetic hair blend, and 100% synthetic hair package (Here's a link to their site). There's a UK site called Boho locs that sells packages and has a salon in London as well. They sell human hair and synthetic hair packages as well (Click here  to visit their site). I think boho locs ships internationally, but I'm not about to pay what they're charging, add to that shipping and South African customs fees.

How I installed my goddess locs?
After months of research...on Youtube and instagram I finally found a tutorial I was happy with, one that would give me the most realistic and natural looking faux locs. Here's a link of the tutorials I watched before installing my locs. (Click on the names for direct links to the video tutorials)
Supa Natural
Lynda Moyo
Cassandre Beccai

What you need?
Rat-tail comb
Leave-in conditioner: I used the Cantu Leave-in conditoning cream
Leave-in conditioner
Oil/butter to seal: I used my own concoction that mainly has grapeseed oil and Jamaican black castor oil
Oil mix

Synthetic hair:
For Wrapping: 1 pack Fina Nubian twist wave, 1 pack Darling Vibrations and 1 pack Kingston braid
For the curly ends: I used weaves from Xpression and Darling for the looser curls - Rose Deep and Brazilian Wave (I just cut off the weft and I'm good to go). For tighter curls I used the Darling Vogue curls and Freetress Bohemian crochet hair.
Curly and Wavy hair

Kinky hair
I twisted my own hair  and left the last inch loose. I then added the curly hair to the ends of my hair by braiding in three pieces one at a time for a tapered effect.
I then wrapped my hair with the kinky/curly hair, I didn't use glue to seal, the hair is tapered so I just wrapped upwards at the end until I ran out of hair.

Final results: Tada!!! What do you think?

The day after installing

Two weeks later. I refreshed the front and added string for colour

from the back

I've had the goddess locs for about three weeks now and I plan on keeping them in until the end of February. I love them more everyday; they look more natural as the hair gets more frizzy.Will definitely do them again in the future.

First post of 2017...done!!!
see you in my next post friends




  1. Hi Pewa:)
    Where are you based? I would love for you to do my locks!

    1. I'm in Cape Town.I'm not a professional but you can go to NaturaRose is Bellville, she does faux locs