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Haircare Review: ApHogee Two-step Protein Treatment

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Today, I'm going to be reviewing a product that's very popular with curlies and coilys on social media; the Aphogee 2-step protein treatment. I've been using this product about 2 years and it's made a difference to the look and feel of my hair.
To start off, I colour my hair blue, green or purple which means I had to bleach my hair to lift my natural colour. I knew that by bleaching, I'd be weakening my hair, so  I decided to look for a protein treatment that I can use to strengthen my hair. So off I went to the nexus of knowledge known as YouTube, to listen to reviews and watch some demos. Needless to say, I was convinced by the evidence put forth, so I searched for a local seller and I managed to find one and it was decently priced.

The product...
Comes in two parts: a protein treatment  and a balancing moisturizer
ApHogee Two-Step Protein treatment 118ml and Balancing Moisturizer 237ml

The process...
It's say the least and it doesn't smell all that great (it's like egg and vinegar). Based on the advice of those who'd gone before me, I transferred the protein treatment to a nozzle applicator bottle, put on some vinyl gloves and covered my clothes with a towel.
I applied the product to freshly shampooed hair (divided into 6 sections) and twisted up each section. Once done with the application, I used my hair dryer on medium heat and slow speed for 15 minutes until the hair was dry.
This product dries hard and Aphogee advises that you not touch your hair, as you might break it. Before rinsing the protein treatment out, I sprayed my hair with warm water to soften it. After the first rinse, I applied the balancing moisturiser and worked it through my hair, I also finger detangled at this point and rinsed out the moisturiser.

Protein treatments can harden hair, so that it feels dry and brittle; so after detangling I applied one of my moisturising protein-free deep conditioners; my favourite is the Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter from The Body Shop. I covered my hair with a plastic cap and waited for 30 minutes before rinsing out the deep conditioner. After rinsing, I proceeded to my regular L.O.C method and styling.

Moisturising Deep Conditioner: Rainforest Radiance Hair Butter

Final thoughts...
I love that this product is available for the public; I have trust issues with hairdressers because most do not know what to do with afro textured hair (don't come at me with a hair dryer and a fine-toothed comb), so I'm quite happy to do my own hair.
You're meant to repeat the protein treatments every 6 to 8 weeks; I don't always stick to this (I do every ~4 months), but I do have protein deep conditioners and light protein treatments for in-between treatments.

I got my original 2-pack from Obulunji for R 269.00; I recently ordered a 3 pack that includes: the Keratin & Green Tea Shampoo 355ml , the Two-Step Protein Treatment 473ml and the Balancing Moisturizer 237ml for R 498.00; it should last me at least a year. I also ordered the Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer for weekly maintenance, cost R 169.00.
Kinky Moriri also stocks the 2-step protein treatment for R 529 (they don't specify as to whether it's a 2-pack or 3-pack kit). 

  • High protein content (hydrolysed collagen is the first ingredient )
  • Effective (this really does what it says)
  • Affordable 

  • Contains silicones  and mineral oil (I don't mind them; I haven't seen any negative effects on my hair)
  • Recommended for professional use only (if you're not confident about doing it yourself, I would suggest going to a professional. I don't know of any salon that offers this service in Cape Town. If you're in Johannesburg, you can go to the Obulunji Hair Salon at 570 Honeydew Road West, 2169
There are plenty of articles on; debating the merits of protein treatments for natural hair; I think it depends on the state of your hair. If you colour your hair, you could benefit from doing protein treatments.

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See you in my next post,

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