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Haircare Review: Eco essentials ..another - Made in South Africa

Hello loves,
By now we all know hard it is to find South African made haircare products. I stumbled across this during one long troll session through google search for conditioner [set country to South Africa].

Eco essentials is a local brand, that is cruelty free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic range based in Johannesburg.
Here's a blurb from their site:

"Eco Essentials manufactures superior quality, effective, cruelty free, pure and natural hair care products for the whole family.
Our products are formulated to the highest standard to cleanse, nourish and rejuvenate delicate and sensitive hair, scalp and skin.  We believe that natural products are the best way to keep the hair and skin healthy and naturally vibrant.  Our products are specifically for sensitive skin which is prone to dryness, irritations and allergic reactions.  We offer products that are that are pure, effective, safe and are made without harsh chemicals.  Our products are made to pharmaceutical industry GMP standards.  Our ingredients have been ethically sourced and are not tested on animals"

I was superexcited to find another brand that caters for naturals and is affordable...because product junkism is a real thing ;-)
I didn't purchase everything in the range, I went for the shampoo, hair mask and the hair butter.


Cleansing & Nourishing Shampoo 500ml, ZAR 99.95
The shampoo is orange in colour; the consistency is jelly-like, quite thick and not runny at all. It's the most gentle shampoo I've ever used, definitely not a clarifier (if that's what you're going for, you may have to double shampoo), but it's perfect for weekly cleansing because you don't want ot strip your hair every week. If you like a rich lather when shampooing, then you might not like this one.
Would I repurchase? Yes. I like how gentle it is, it leaves my hair hair soft. 


Deep Treatment Hair Mask ZAR 250ml, 85.95
This mask has the texture of whipped cream and a faint grapefruit scent. It's very light. It doesn't have slip as some of my other masks, so you'll have to detangle before washing. After applying this and applying mild heat for 15 minutes, my hair felt really soft and manageable. It was also shiny..the coils...they love this stuff. It's good. 
Would I repurchase? It's a yes from me.

Hair Mask
Nourishing & Strengthening Hair Butter 250ml, ZAR 125.95
Hair butter is super thick and has a waxy feel. It's got a light nut scent. For my hair food people, this is a great alternative that's free of mineral oil and petrolatum. It might be too heavy for looser curl types though. I used this with my SheaMoisture JBCO leave-in and magic happened; this butter gives amazing hold for twisouts. See evidence below.
Would I repurchase? My favourite product in the lot, so YES! I like that it's not greasy.

Hair Butter

 Here are the results of my twistout:

Look at that definition
 Achieved with:

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Other products I'd like to try from the range:
The Repair & Nourishing Conditioner, 500ml  ZAR 99.95

All the products are availble for order online at , they ship internationally as well.

This a great haircare range and its affordable too.
Have you tried any of their products? What would you like to try out?

Let me know below.

See you in my next post, 

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