Friday, 2 December 2016

Fake vs Real: ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadows

Hey lovelies,
Here's another fake vs real post; my way of letting all the anger out after being cheated out of my hard-earned moola. But also, informing my fellow makeup junkies/junkies/enthusiasts of the fakes out there.

I looove ColourPop Shadows more than I love cake! They're errythang! Super-pigmented and bold.
So when I realised that two of the shadows I got were fakes I was less than impressed to put it mildly.
In this post I'm going to compare fake Coconut against the real deal:
Coconut Super Shock Eyeshadow *
Unfortunately as with the lippies, packaging of the fakes is spot on. You can't be absolutely certain just based on packaging. However, once you put the real shadow next to the fake differences are clear to see.
Real (left) vs Fake (right): The font on the fake is slightly smaller and not as bold. When you look at the colour of the shadows you can see that the real coconut is darker than the fake.
When you swatch them you can feel the difference: Colourpop shadows are cream shadows that are buttery soft and highly pigmented. The fake CP shadow is soft but really dry, there's no disguising that its counterfeit; it's pale and got a very powdery finish.
Real (left) vs Fake (right)
So, I guess I'll repeat what I said in my previous posts: There are lists of reputable sellers locally in South Africa. I buy my CP shadows from SAMIKA, you can also get CP products from the following local sellers:
Glamourise brands 
Pink Cosmetics:
Here's a link to the Belle Blushh post on fake makeup and reputable local sellers.

That's it for now fellow junkies,


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