Thursday, 24 November 2016

Fake vs Real: ColourPop Cosmetics HIGHBALL Ultra Matte Lip

 Hey loves,
There's nothing that irks me more than fake brand makeup, especially when its fakes of really affordable brands like ColourPop. I was pretty shocked to find out these exist.
I'decided to write this post, after Belle BlusHH wrote on fake makeup and followed that up with fake vs real comparison posts for some of the Kylie lip kits (click here and here to read them).
So here I am informing you fello makeup lovers out there on how to spot a fake ColourPop  liquid lipstick.
Mind you when I ordered this lipstick I didn't realise it was fake until I swatched it and compared to some of the ColourPop liquid lipsticks in my collection. I felt cheated and super mad because I bought this fake at the price of a real one..I had been superbly dupped.

So I ordered a real Highball CP liquid lipstick from SAMIKA (that's where I usually buy my CP goodies) to compare to what I suspected was a fake.
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You can't really tell the difference between the 2 tubes based on the packaging. Aside from the scratches on the fake tube straight out of packaging they're pretty identical. I threw away the boxes, but fake CP packaging is very difficult to spot, I didn't notice any differences...Sad!

Appearance & Performance

Once I opened the tube of the fake, that's when I realised it wasn't genuine; it has a really strong sweet chemical scent which is absent from real CP liquid lipsticks. The doe-foot applicator in the fake tube is smaller and doesn't take up much product compared to the real CP.
The swatches are also a good indicator: the real highball was slightly lighter than the fake one but more intense when swatched. The fake swatch is also quite transluscent and doesn't buildup even if you add more product.

We don't get a lot of the popular brands in South Africa like ColourPop, E.L.F and Milani, so our only option in most cases is to order from local re-sellers online or through Social Media platforms like Instagram. If you're really courageuous you can order directly from the company and trust in the South African postal services and pay the tax man customs due on imports.

Here are some of the local sellers that I have ordered from that sell genuine cosmetics:
Glamourise Brands

I'm not going to shame the seller of the fakes online, but if you would like to know who they are, please feel free to message me by e-mail or DM on Instagram and I'll get back to you. Also, there's a Beauty Swop or Sale facebook page in South Africa that helps members with confirming the genuine resellers (click here).

Stay safe my prettys,

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  1. Really interesting post. So many fake products around and some of them very clever copies.