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Make-Up Review: Drugstore Foundation: Essence All about Matt!

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I'm doing another foundation review; this time I'm sharing my thoughts on a drugstore foundation. I must say that when it comes to foundations I prefer high end but it's nice to find something that's affrodable and able to deliver on promises. 

So essence has been on the South African market for a couple of years and up until a couple of months ago they didn't have foundations that cater to darker skin complexions. 


So, three weeks ago I was browsing the make-up ailse at Clicks and came upon the new essence foundation "all about matt!" It's only available in four shades: vanilla, beige, caramel and mahogany. I picked up the shade caramel (which looks more like a medium cocoa). It's a long-wearing foundation, meant to last for 12 hours but not transfer-free. It's oil-free and gives a mattifying finish. It comes in the standard 1 fl.oz/30ml flor foundations.

I decided to try it out for a couple of weeks before forming any conclusions. 

On to application: as I said earlier the foundation looks like a medium cocoa shade and the consistency is creamy and a little runny. I applied the foundation on my face following primer application using my beauty blender (a pea-sized amount was enough to cover my face for medium coverage). It isn't quick drying, so have time to blend and buff. I then applied the rest of my makeup and set my face with the M.A.C Fix+ spray. 

After 4 hours Ichecked my face to see how it was holding up: I had a bit of shininess on my nose but it wasn't oily and I didn't need to blot. It just looked like a natural glow. Towards the end of the day approaching the 8hr mark, there was definitely a bit a more shine on my T-zone and a little blotting was definitely required. But it still looked really good and my friends could not belive that I acieved my look with an inexpensive foundation. 

All in all, I think its a great foundation for oily and combination/oily skin. It feels like MAC Studio Fix on the skin (quite heavy, I don't like the feeling). My only gripe with this foundation is that it doesn't have any SPF (this is a dealbreaker for me). That being said, if you don't wear make-up everyday like I do, this might be one to consider for a night out or attending a function and want to make-up occasionally. 

Inexpensive, it only costs ZAR 68.00 at Clicks (listed as 79.95 on essence website)
Mattifying and oil-free

There are only 4 shades available.  

Final Marks: 6.5/10

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